Equipped for Learning:

LPS is a thriving, complete school with a tradition of excellence in the community. The institution is located on Longview - a pristine property below Rajbhawan a stone’s throw away from city centre, with the building being a blend of old and new architecture and providing comfortable accommodation for over 600 students.

In the past few years LPS students have been high achievers in board exams. This is due to highly motivated, able workforce which takes pride in the achievement of the school.

Though young LPS has the distinction of becoming the first 100% digital school of Nainital.
Success for all......

LPS works in a manner that every child learns more effectively in a supportive environment. We place great emphasis on developing student's self confidence so that they come out successfully in the work place of their future.

The school aims, therefore, to promote innumerable extracurricular activities such as elocutions, debates, quizzes, writing skills, painting, art & craft, dance, drama and large number of sporting activities. In addition school offers its students an opportunity to participate in inter school competitions.

When it comes to success in examinations the school's academic record is extremely strong & consistent.
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