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Overloaded curriculum, homogenous lessons and rapid pace leaves a trail of learning gaps in schools as children move from grade to grade, resulting in increased disinterest and phobia for the subject. Children today are faced with increased pressure to perform from all quarters.

Every child requires special and unique attention, to resolve their learning gaps and build a foundation for success in later life, LPS has introduced Funtoot digital maths lab to create a personalized maths learning path for every child constantly adapting to their needs and progress.

Features at Glance
Learning : Adjusts complexity & speed per child and guides learning from lower complexity to higher complexity.

Step-by-Step Analysis : Evaluate granular steps used by student to solve problems. Identify learning gaps exhibited by a student.

Contextual Assistance : Timely need-based interventions when students are struggling at any topic. Error messages & hints to video tutorials and full solutions helps student self-correct.

Reward Success : Reward student with skill points for solving problems and completing topics. Display student & class dashboard and email weekly progress notifications.

Students benefit by
  • Strong grasp of fundamentals
  • Self-correction of learning gaps
  • Develop higher order thinking

Abacus is a simple tool or a hardware used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations. Calculations based on abacus were invented in ancient times and now widely used a brain development programmes.

Abacus is the most popular calculating methods from ancient times. Children can do fast calculations in mind by visualization of abacus bead movements. Researchers have proved that abacus learners use both sides of the brain left and right hemisphere and is highly effective in improving concentration level of children.

LPS is the only school in Nainital to introduced abacus in primary section from classes 1 to 5.

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