• The school has two play grounds, one to the East and the other to the West and Squash of the main building. In addition, the school has basketball and squash courts and a sports hall for indoor games. This has been specially designed keeping in view the local climatic conditions.
  • Tournaments and inter-class as well as inter-house matches are played. Every student has ample opportunity to develop all the qualities which school games, when played in a sporting spirit, are intended to bring forth.
  • On admission each child is allotted to one of the four Houses:
    TRISHUL (RED), NEELKANTH (BLUE), KAILASH (GREEN) and KUNCHANJUNGA (YELLOW). Practically all games are organized on a competitive basis among the four houses.
  • Various competitive activities, spaced throughout the session are held. Opportunities for participation in such activities as extempore, declamation, debate, dramatics, interclass verse-speaking and elocution contests, as well as vocal and instrumental music soirees, are provided for all students, both Day scholars and Boarders. Participation in these activities enhances their self confidence, intensifies the bonds of union between residential and non-residential students and contributes effectively to the formation of the sense of maturity and breadth of vision.
  • All Boarders are obliged to participate to the full extent of their ability in the games and other outdoor activities organized by the School as well as in its academic, social and cultural life. Exemption from such activities as games, gymnastics and athletics is given, but rarely, and that also on medical grounds under certification from the students’ family doctor and that of the Medical Officer of the School. Day Scholars must attend games and other activities outside School hours when required to do so and the School Authorities will deem participation in such circumstances compulsory.
  • The children are given ample opportunity to participate in Inter School Competition organized by L.P.S., other schools, governmental and social organizations.
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